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Who wrote this stuff?
This trivia was originally written by Jim Brain as part of the now long defunct C= Hacking Magazine, but happily Jim has kindly agreed to let me reproduce it in HTML-ized format for retro computing fans everywhere.

If you are interested in seeing the Commodore Trivia digests in their original form, take a look at this website.

For those who are interested, these pages were generated from the original text files using Perl and Velocity (and a nice template originally found here)


	The C128 has a real Caps Lock Key, but it failed to present an
        uppercase character for what letter on the 128 keyboard?

	The Q key.  This problem only exists on first revision US 128 ROM 
        units.  As such, you can easily determine if you need a ROM upgrade 
	by trying the Q key on your 128.

	What one feature made the CBM 1660 modem immensely popular with the
        phone phreaking crowd?

	Ability to utilize the SID IC to generate touch tones and other tones
        through the phone.  This allowed the 64 to behave as a virtual "blue
	box" or "red box" and send the magic 2600 Hz tone that patched one
	into the phone system.

	What does Timothy Leary, "the father of LSD" and Commodore have
        in common?

	Leary was a C64 user and wrote articles for a small C= magazine based
        in Oregon.  However, I accept one technically true resoponse from
	Roger Toupin Jr., who said, "Both are dead".

	At what speed do the platters in CBM D series hard drives revolve at?

	3600 RPM  Compare to floppies at 300 RPM.

	In question $189, we noted that COMPUTE. Changed its punctuation to
        COMPUTE! shortly after introdcution.  However, many years later, they
        changed back to their former punctuation.  When did this occur?

	When Compute! Publicationswas purchased by the publisher of OMNI
        magazine, they changed the name back to COMPUTE. (note period.

	Tough one.  Finish the following Commodore advertising slogan:
        "Advanced Technology Through Vertical ___________"


	In what "mode" can the Commodore 64 VIC-II IC access external memory?

	The UltiMax mode.  This is the only mode where the VIC-II can perform
        this feat, and is the same mode used on the ill-fated Ultimax machine.

	What Primary CPU was used in the CBM 500/600/700 series?

	The MOS 6509.  Basically, the 6509 was a 6502 with memory locations
        0000 and 0001 used as 34bank34 registers.  Address 0000 was the 
	execution bank, while 0001 was the indirection bank..

	How much RAM can be accessed on a 500/600/700 machine?

	The 500/600/700 series, as well as the B128/B256 series, can be
        expanded to 256kB internally, 704 kB externally, for a total of 960kB
	of RAM.

	When using the KERNAL call PLOT, is the upper left corner of the 
        screen 0,0 or 1,1 ?

	0,0 identifies the upper left corner of the screen.

	What does PRG stand for?

	Well, the CBM DOS uses it as a acronym for PRoGram File, and Commodore
        calls it's technical references Programmer's Reference Guides.

	when displaying information on the screen, what PETSCII character is
        used to turn the character color to RED?

	COde 28 ($1C) will switch the character color to red.

	If you poke the 64 screen memory with 0, what character fills the
        screen?  (Hint: it is NOT space)

	The '@' character, screen code 0.  The space is screen code 32.

	When a BASIC or ML program initializes DEVICE 2 (RS-232) for usage,
        how much memory is stolen from the top of BASIC memory for 

	512 bytes.  256 bytes each for an input and output buffer.  That is
        why you must open the RS-232 port before defining variables.  The
	buffers are taken from TOB (Top of BASIC), which resets are variables.

	On what 64 computer model does [SHIFT] [RUN-STOP] load a program from

	The SX-64 is designed to boot from disk by default, and some suggested
        the C64GS, although I can;t verify the latter.

	What happens if you issue NEW in a program, like:
           90 PRINT "HI"
           100 NEW
           110 GOTO 90

	As expected, the program prints the HI message, then erases the
        current program from memory.
The information in this between the lines marked by (BEGIN) and (END)
is copyright (c)1998 by Jim Brain.  Provided that the information
between the (BEGIN) and (END) lines is not changed except to correct
typographical errors, the so marked copyrighted information may be
reproduced in its entirety on other networks or in other mediums. For 
more information about this contest or using these questions, please 
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