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Who wrote this stuff?
This trivia was originally written by Jim Brain as part of the now long defunct C= Hacking Magazine, but happily Jim has kindly agreed to let me reproduce it in HTML-ized format for retro computing fans everywhere.

If you are interested in seeing the Commodore Trivia digests in their original form, take a look at this website.

For those who are interested, these pages were generated from the original text files using Perl and Velocity (and a nice template originally found here)


	The C128 Memory Management Unit is located at $d500 in memory.
        At what other address does a copy of the MMU registers appear?

	$ff00-$ff04 contains a partial mirror of the MMU registers.

	How many MMU registers are are identical in the two memory ranges?

	1. The Configuration Register at $d500 and $ff00

	If you are writing a C128 machine langyage program and would like
        to issue a jsr to another bank of memory, what KERNAL call would
        you use?

	JSRFAR ($ff6e).

	How do you pass the parameters to the KERNAL call in auestion $212?

	You store the parameters in $0002-$0008 and issue the call.

	When the C128 was developed, Commodore created a very useful buffer
        printing routine in the KERNAL.  What is its common name? 

	PRIMM (Print Immediate, at $ff7d).

	For the routine in question $214, how do you pass the string that
        you wish to print to the routine?

	You store the buffer, terminated with a null character immediately
        following the call.

	When the C128 boots, the Z80 gains control first.  It begins
        accessing memory starting at what location?


	How much ROM in the C128 is supplied to hold the Z80 power up
        boot code?

	4096 bytes.

	How many configuration presets can the C128 MMU handle?


	How small of a common RAM area can be defined in the C128 MMU?

	Although the answer "none" is technically correct, I was looking
        for the less obvious non-zero amount, which is 1 kB of RAM.  

	How large of a common RAM area can be defined in the C128 MMU?

	16 kB of RAM.

	How many times does a disk drive get accessed BEFORE the C128
        finishes booting?

	twice.  (Once to attempt a CP/M boot, and once to attempt a 
        C128 boot).

	What key would you hold down on the C128 during bootup to
        immediately enter 64 mode?

	The Commodore Key.

	Name the first 4 keys on the top row of the C128 keyboard?

	Escape, Tab, Alt, and Caps Lock.

	On what side of the C128 case is the RESET button located?

	The right side.

	What is different about the C128 power supply connector compared to
        the 64 DIN power supply connector?

	The connector is square in appearance, although the voltages are
        identical to the ones provided for the C64.
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