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Who wrote this stuff?
This trivia was originally written by Jim Brain as part of the now long defunct C= Hacking Magazine, but happily Jim has kindly agreed to let me reproduce it in HTML-ized format for retro computing fans everywhere.

If you are interested in seeing the Commodore Trivia digests in their original form, take a look at this website.

For those who are interested, these pages were generated from the original text files using Perl and Velocity (and a nice template originally found here)


	What text is displayed on the screen of a Commodore 128 upon

	The following text is centered on either the 40 or 80 column
                (C)1977 MICROSOFT CORP.
                  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

	How many bytes free does a Commodore 128 have on powerup?

	As shown above in Q $170, 122365 bytes.

	On the Commodore B-128 series, the bell beeps at the right margin.
        What column is the default right margin on the B-128?

	Column 70.

	When a Commodore C64 is hooked up to a 1541 and an MPS 801
        printer, everything is powered up and connected correctly, and
        the floppy won't load.  What is wrong?

	The printer is offline.  Put the printer on-line, and the floppy
        will operate correctly.

	How do you access the "hidden message" in the C128DCR?

	One brute force way:
        While in the machine language monitor, type:
          m f63f5 f640b

	Some of you may remember the Commodore Magic Voice cartridge.
        If so, how many words was in the base unit's vocabulary?


	Who write the 3+1 software bundled with the Commodore
        Plus/4 in ROM.

	Tri Micro wrote the code, and created a version for the C64.
        It turns out that the 3+1 software included with the Commodore
        Plus/4 was originally designed to be but one of the many choices
        for bundled software with the 264.  When the focus changed, 3+1
        became the only software bundled, and some assumed Commodore
        had written it.  (Ref. RUN April 1985:43)

	The BASIC extension "Simon's BASIC" was created by whom?

	David Simons (Ref: Commodore Power/Play April/May 1985:56-7)

	Simons' BASIC was influenced a lot by what other computer
        manufacturer's BASIC?

	Hewlett Packard.  (Commodore Power/Play April/May 1985:56)

	How many commands does Simons' BASIC add to the Commodore 64?

	114. (P/P Apr/May 1985:57)

	In the United Kingdom, there was an extension to Simons' BASIC
        developed by David.  Among other things, what major complaint
        about the original BASIC extension does it address?

	Renumbering GOTOs and GOSUBs when renumbering a program.

	In the Commodore Plus/4 File Manager, there exists two bugs, 
        which show up if you have over a certain number of records.  What
        is this magic number?

	When merging over 255 records in the Word Processor, a printout might
        stop early int the file and continually reprint a single record, or
        entering one record might trash another record. (RUN April 1985:43)

	Commodore Semiconductor Group (CSG) manufactured an 8500 IC.
        What common IC number is this IC functionally equivalent to?

	The 6502.  The change in number owes more to a change in 
        manufacturing process than anything else.

	How many BASIC commands were included in BASIC 3.5, not
        including the monitor commands?

	80. (RUN November 1984:37)

	On the Commodore VIC-20, 64, and C16 keyboards, what row and
        column pins on the keyboard connector does the letter D
        correspond to?

	Row 2 Column 2. (RUN July 1984:109)

	What is special about the keys in Row 4 of the hardware keyboard

	Column 2-4 spell out CBM. (RUN July 84:109)
The information in this between the lines marked by (BEGIN) and (END)
is copyright 1996 by Jim Brain.  Provided that the information
between the (BEGIN) and (END) lines is not changed except to correct
typographical errors, the so marked copyrighted information may be
reproduced in its entirety on other networks or in other mediums.  For 
more information about using this file, please contact the address 
shown below.
Jim Brain
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