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Who wrote this stuff?
This trivia was originally written by Jim Brain as part of the now long defunct C= Hacking Magazine, but happily Jim has kindly agreed to let me reproduce it in HTML-ized format for retro computing fans everywhere.

If you are interested in seeing the Commodore Trivia digests in their original form, take a look at this website.

For those who are interested, these pages were generated from the original text files using Perl and Velocity (and a nice template originally found here)


	How nmany keys are on a standard Commodore B-128 keyboard?

	94 keys.

	How many revisions of the 1541 printed circuit board are
        known to exist?

	For the 1541:
        PCB# 1540001    The "long board", as used in the 1540.
        PCB# 1540008-01 Minor revisions to the 1540001 board.
        PCB# 1540048    The "short board".
        PCB# 1540050    Minor revisions to the 1540048 board.
                        -01   ALPS mechanism
                        -03   Newtronics mechanism
        PCB# 250442-01  A revision of the short board. 1541 A board
        PCB# 250446-01  Minor revisions to the #250442 board, 1541 A-2 board
        PCB# 250446-03  Cost reduced 250442-03 board.  the 1541A C/R.
        For the 1541C:
        PCB# 250448-01  Contains the track 1 sensor logic.  the 1541B board.
        For the 1541-II:
        PCB# 340503     Cost reduced board. Termed the 1541-II board. 
        There might be others, but these we can confirm.  There are 9
        if you count the 1541-II board as a 1541 board, 8 if not.

	The Commodore 6510 CPU has two internal I/O registers.  Where in the
        Commodore 64 are these two registers located at?

	Location $0000 and $0001

	The Commodore 64 cotains 64kB of memory.  How many bytes is in

	65536 bytes

	What is the name of the Commodore employee responsible for much of
        the Commodore 128 and 65 software development, among other 
        accomplishments?  (hint: initials are FB)

	Fred Bowen.

	In question $13F, we found out the message that was displayed after
        typing SAVE "",2.  Why did Commodore change that message on the

	The original message, as detailed in Q $13F was:
        Commodore found that people were pressing the play buttopn BEFORE the
        record button, which would prevent the record button from functioning
        in some cases.  So, Commodore changed the message to:
        To circumvent the problem.  Note that the VIC did not have 2 tape
        interfaces, so no cassette number was needed.

	What was the number of Commodore 64 machines sold, within 4 million?

	17 million  (This information came from Dave Haynie)

	What was the number of Commodore 128 machines sold, within 1 million?

	4.5 million (This information came from Dave Haynie)

	In 1985, Commodore previewed the Commodore LCD Laptop computer at the
        January CES show.  How many software packages were to be built-in?

        Word Processor
        File Manager
        Address Book
        Memo Pad
        Telecommunications Package

	In the Commodore LCD unit, what were the text screen dimensions?

	80 coumns by 16 rows.  1200 characters on screen.

	What is the version number of the only known "bug-free" VIC-II

	6569-R5.  What's funny is that this chip was manufactured after
        the Commodore 128 was introduced, so they used the 6569-R3 for the
        development of the Vic-IIe chip (8563 series), which is buggy.
        So, the newest PAL 64s have a better VIC than the C128.

	Machine language programmer typically use the .X register to index 
        into small arrays.  What is the largest byte-array size that can be
        handled in this way?

	256 bytes.

	In the mid-1980's, Commodore started manufacturing IBM clone PCs.
        One of the models had a name which was a type of horse.  Name the term.

	The Commodore "Colt" PC.

	What is the model number of the first mouse introduced for the
        Commodore 64?

	The 1350.  

	What was the problem with the mouse in question $15D?

	As Commodore was either still developing the (now more 
        popular) 1351 mouse or the 1350 was designed as a lower cost 
        alternative, this mouse could only emulate a joystick.  When you
        rolled it up, the joystick "UP" pin was triggered.  Likewise for the
        other directions.

	If you hold down the cursor key on the CBM 4000 series machine and it
        does not repeat, what fact about the machine do you now know?
        (other than the key doesn't repeat)

	It is a thin 40XX machine, meaning it could not be upgraded to an
        80XX machine via chip swaps.
The information in this between the lines marked by (BEGIN) and (END)
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