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Who wrote this stuff?
This trivia was originally written by Jim Brain as part of the now long defunct C= Hacking Magazine, but happily Jim has kindly agreed to let me reproduce it in HTML-ized format for retro computing fans everywhere.

If you are interested in seeing the Commodore Trivia digests in their original form, take a look at this website.

For those who are interested, these pages were generated from the original text files using Perl and Velocity (and a nice template originally found here)


	What is the model number of the assembler/monitor for the KIM-1?

	The KIM-5 was the model number of the editor/assembler product.

	How many LEDs are on the KIM-1?

	The basic unit contains 6 7-segment LED displays, or 42 LEDs if
        you count each LED in a segment.

	What is the model number of the REC chip used in the REU?

	MOS 8726.

	At least two versions of the above chip exist.  What is the main
        physical difference between the versions?

	The eraly versio of the chip (8726-R1) exists in DIP form, while the
        8726-r4-r8 exists as a "J-lead" square surface mount unit.

	Why couldn't regular Atari(tm) style joystcks be used with the
        Commodore Plus/4 series?

	Instead of using the de-facto 9 pin D-subminuture connector for the
        joysticks, the Plus/4 series used small mini-DIN connectors.  Some
        sources claim the older connectors were leaking a fair bit of
        radio interference and were preventing the units from attaining
        FCC approval, so the connectors were changed to the better-shielded
        mini-DIN types.

	What was the first joystick model Commodore produced that would
        function with the Plus/4 computer line?

	The Commodore T-1341 Joystick, which had the special mini-DIN 

	How many computer models are included in the Plus/4 line?

	At last count, 3 models in the Plus/4 series were produced:
        The Commodore Plus/4
        The Commodore 16
        The Commodore 116
        Some Commodore 264 models are known to exist, but are not counted, 
        since the 264 was the prototype model of the Plus/4.  Also, a V364
        model was planned, but only one unit is known to exist.

	In a normal Commodore disk drive Directory Entry, what relative
        offset denotes the start of the program name?

	The filename starts at the 4th byte in the directory entry.

	How many tracks in a 1541 or 4040 are normally available for use as

	35 tracks.

	How many bytes comprise a single disk drive directory entry?

	30 bytes.  

	What is the model number of the Commodore dual drive with a total
        capacity per unit of 2.12MB?

	The Commodore 8250 or 8250LP dual disk drive.

	On the drive denoted in $12A, how large could a single sequential
        file be?

	1.025 megabytes.

	At least two version of the Commodore 64C keyboard exist.  What is
        the difference between them?  Extra Credit: Why?

	On one keyboard style, the Commodore graphics are printed on the
        front of the keys, while they appear above the letters on the keys
        in the second type of keyboard.  I can't answer the extra credit
        part except to say that Commodore was always seeking the best deal.
        aybe a new keyboard manufacturer got the bid and changed the layout.

	On the Commodore 64, what area of memory is swapped out when using an
        REU with RamDos?

	$6000 - $7fff is swapped out when a RAMDOS command is executing.

	Commodore manufactured two different versions of the 1541-II drive.  
        What is the difference between them?

	The drive mechanisms differ in the two drives.  You can tell which you
        have by the appearance of the front of the drive.  If the lever hits
        a rest in the release position, you have the direct drive model.  If 
        the lever has no such rest visible, the drive cotains the belt drive

	How many colors could the Commodore 1520 plotter plot in?

	4.  red, black, blue, and green.
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